PARADOX group [Ser. PARADOKS grupa, abbreviated PDXG] is an international artists association which gathers people, all with talents in various creative fields, from the (local) community and promotes the primordial values and healthy lifestyles.

PDXG was officially founded in the City of Valjevo, Republic of Serbia, and approved by decision of the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Government of the Republic of Serbia on the Serbian Patron Saint Day – Protection of the Holy Virgin in 2004 AD (October 14th).

PARADOX group aspires to create original, well-meaning, brave and humane ideas, while trying to follow the Paradox phenomenon.

Affirming young and talented people, care about nature, man and animals, as well as the promotion of free thought and action are some of the main objectives of the association.

Being active in the arts and culture, sports, media, human rights and environmental protection areas, PARADOX group is engaged in the production of educational radio and TV broadcasts, documentary, feature and experimental films, theatre performances, commercials and music videos, audio & video and multimedia & WEB production, graphic and logo design…

Organization related to PDXG – PARADOX group BL (Banja Luka) has been found recently, also on the Serbian Patron Saint Day – St. Peters Day, in 2011 AD (July 12th), in the City of Banja Luka, the administrative capital of Serbian Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

PARADOX group has established cooperation with many organizations, associations, state institutions, formal and informal groups, media houses, etc.

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